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21st Arab Film Festival

Documentary Shorts

70 mins

Documentary Shorts

Shattuck Cinemas
October 22, 2017 1:00 pm


A diverse assembly of short format documentary films that include spotlights on traditional Moroccan Sufi-inspired rock music and Amman’s underground heavy metal scene, to a portrait of Palestinian youth living under occupation. Of note in this program are 4 films from #SupportYemen’s documentary filmmaking workshop Comra (or “photographic dark room”) that supports Yemeni filmmakers in tandem with the British Council. Heartfelt, relevant, and inspiring: our 2017 doc shorts program has something for everyone.

In This Program

  1. Bachelors of War

    Mohammwd Al Aghbri, Sami Shamsan, Ahmed Al Hagry / UK, Yemen / 2015 / 6 mins
    Young and jobless, a group of guys fend for themselves during Ramadan amidst an unstable socio-political climate. The film illustrates the underlying frustrations and worries of many young Yemeni men in the face of stunted progress, divided families, empty homes, and broken dreams.

  2. By the Medina, For the Medina

    Haya Alghanim / Morocco, USA / 2017 / 11 mins
    Focus on the Moroccan Sufi-rock fusion band Harmonic Fusion, based in the old town Tetouan.

  3. For a Loaf of Bread

    Amal Al Yarisi, Yasser Sharf, Mohammed Al Shahethi / UK, Yemen / 2015 / 4 mins
    Struggles and dreams of a Yemeni child in a time of war.

  4. Hide Your Metal

    Yasmine Mustafa, Anas Battah / Jordan / 2017 / 12 mins
    Follows Amman's heavy metal scene.

  5. Home

    Berber Verpoest / Belgium, Israel, Palestine / 2017 / 24 mins
    Three intimate portraits of young Palestinians living under occupation.

  6. Not Acting Anymore

    Osama Khaled, Ahmed Al Qadasi, Dia Al Adimi / UK, Yemen / 2015 / 8 mins
    Two brothers dream of one day becoming famous filmmakers.

  7. Taxi

    Mohammed Al Ashwal, Sara Sari, Majd Fuad / UK, Yemen / 2015 / 6 mins
    Portrait of a student-turned-taxi driver driving a taxi in a war zone.

Dates & Times

Documentary Shorts

Shattuck Cinemas
October 22, 2017 1:00 pm